Asset Management

Through the analysis of critical machinery health information, maintenance and operations personnel can identify and resolve machinery issues before equipment damage and process interruptions occur.

Asset management is governed by regulation, as well as by the need to control costs and manage business risk. This demands proven quality systems supporting accurate and consistent data.

Telinstra has experience of formulating the best life asset plan to reflect the goals of the maintenance strategy, the nature of the facility, the equipment to be maintained, work flow patterns and the work environment. Telinstra’s solutions include:
•    Maintenance strategy reviews
•    Predictive (CBM) maintenance solutions
•    Condition Monitoring Systems
•    Reliability Centred Maintenance
•    RFID / Barcode Scanning / Inventory control
•    SCADA / CMMS / ERP system integration
•    Advanced predictive analytics
•    Safety Instrumented System (SIS)