Containerized e-House Solutions

Telinstra is fully capable to provide the containerized e-house solutions to its customers. This delivery approach comprises of pre-installation of all the necessary equipment in a properly designed industrial building. These industrial buildings are portable equipment rooms or e-Houses with all the equipment tested and pre-configured prior deploying at the customer’s site.

Telinstra’s e-House solution integrates major power, control and telecommunication equipment into prefabricated electrical buildings. They are customized to suit various environmental conditions and applications.

Telinstra offers the containerized e-House solutions for the following deployments:
•    Transformer setups
•    LV & MV setups
•    Electrical equipment setups
•    Control System rooms
•    Operator & Maintenance setups
•    IT & Networking setups
•    Server setups

Telinstra’s experience includes engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, testing and transportation of customized prefabricated solutions which meets international standards with the highest level of professionalism.

•    SCADA / CMMS / ERP system integration
•    Advanced predictive analytics
•    Safety Instrumented System (SIS)