Water and Waste Water

Water is a finite and, therefore, valuable resource that requires optimal management. Its scarcity during periods of drought, over-abundance in flood, and its quality, determines how society uses this resource, and how administrations regulate its many uses.

Telinstra has the engineering capability, experience and technologies to deliver “turnkey” system integration specifically tailored to different water plant types, such as water treatment plants and water pumping stations.

Our services include design, engineering, supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, and ensure the quality of the integration into the complete instrument, control and electrical system of your water facility. Through innovative electrical power applications, we assist water utilities build and maintain reliable power system installations safely and efficiently offering cost effective solutions. Our system integration experience has permitted us to supply numerous turnkey units to a variety of water utilities.

Telinstra offers complete integration of:
•    Instrumentation
•    Control and electrical systems for water pumping stations
•    Water & Waste Water treatment, and
•    Treated effluent distribution

With innovative solutions and in depth process and automation experience in the water utility business, the integration experts from Telinstra are able to deliver a reliable and economical system solution specifically tailored to your individual pumping station needs.